Calculate your organization's cost of downtime.

This tool is used to evaluate your recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO) and provide you with an estimated cost of downtime based on your recovery time.

Downtime Calculator | Calculate your business's cost of downtime.

Set your Recovery Objectives

Recovery Time Objective

RTO is the duration of time in which business operations must be restored after a disruption in order to avoid unacceptable consequences associated with a break in business continuity.

How many hours can your business operate without access to critical data or systems?
1 hour 1 week

Recovery Point Objective

RPO is the maximum tolerable timeframe in which data may be lost due to a disruption in access to critical business services.

How many hours of production time and data are you willing to lose?
1 hour 1 week

Define Your Recovery Process

Recovery Process

The recovery process involves several factors, each of which have a direct influence on recovery times.

Factors include the amount of data backed up/to be restored, the location of the data to restore, and the time needed to prepare for the recovery of critical data and applications.

How many gigabytes of critical data are stored in your systems?
250GB 18+TB
Data backed up every:
1 hour 1 week
Time to initiate recovery:
1 hour 1 week
Are you recovering data from your local network or the cloud? The location of your recovery data has a significant impact on restore times.

Define Your Recovery Costs

Recovery Costs

Downtime costs include staff wages, overhead costs and lost revenue due to an inability to continue business operations during a disaster.

How many employees would be affected if your critical systems failed?
1 1000
What is the average hourly wage of an employee?
$0 $500
What is the average hourly overhead cost of an employee?
$0 $500
What is the revenue generated per hour by your employees?
$0 $10,000

Analysis Results

  • RTO Goal:
  • RPO Goal:

Total Estimated Cost of Downtime


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Recovery Details

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Downtime Costs

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  • Average staff hourly wage
  • Average staff overhead cost
  • Hourly revenue cost
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